Conical mirror images to download

This section has some examples to use with conical mirrors

In order to use these templates, you will need a copy of the Adobe Acrobat reader. You can download a copy from the Adobe Website .
How to Make a Conical Mirror

To view the conical mirror examples you need to make a mirror using a piece of aluminium coated thin plastic sheet. The examples have been created with a mirror having an angle of 60 degrees. As with the anamorphosis for putting an image on a cone, the cone is constructed from a sector of a circle.

From the downloads below, print out the conical mirror template and cut it out. Stick it to the reverse of the mirror sheet with a small dab from a glue stick and then cut round the edge.

With a craft knife cut the slit and then remove the template. Roll up the mirror into a cone, putting the tab into the slit and hold it in place by using a small piece of sticky tape inside the cone. Depending on the stiffness of the plastic, you may need to work on the cone to make it circular.

The slit acts both as a locator for the tab and as an indicator for the position of the 180 degree sector for the mirror. When you have a suitable cone, place it on the circle in the printouts of the conical mirror examples and look directly above the apex.

It is hard to get a perfect conical mirror using this method. The image tends to be slightly distorted around the apex of the mirror, but it does show the principles.


Undistorted original images ………..   Click here to download

Conical mirror template …………    Click here to download

An 11 x 11 grid    …………. Click to here download

A 25 x 25 grid      ……………   Click here to download
The eye of horus   ………..  Click here to download

An image of Socrates ……….. Click here to download

Yin and Yang   ………… Click here to download

The MathsYear2000 logo …………   Click here to download

Images copyright © 1999-2010 by John Sharp. You may use the templates for your own use and for teaching purposes, but not for commercial purposes.

6 responses to “Conical mirror images to download

  1. I would love to make one. Do you know where I can get the “aluminum coated thin plastic sheets”?


    • Sorry I can’t help more than this, but I have no idea where you live and the world is a big place.

      I suggest that you put “fliexible mirror plastic sheeting” into Google. It should give you links locally. I get a lot for the UK.

      John S

  2. To clarify, the conical mirror template you have provided, when printed out as is, should it work with a print out of socrates and the eye of horus? I printed the cone template provided and constructed it but the base of the paper cone is far smaller than the circle in the middle of the eye of horus and socrates illustration. Should the cone be enlarged so that its base fits the circle provided in these two images?

    • You have missed the point. Look at the cone from the right place and you will see the image as it is shown in the circle. That is the only way they are related.

  3. Brilliant blog on a really complicated subject – please check out my ‘making of’ You Tube video of an anamorphic installation I did…
    Cheers, Ben

  4. I have always been fascinated with anamorphic art and its likes. This year I wanted to do anamorphic art as a theme for my HND art and design. I was a bit weary as I could not find adequate information on it or how to understand it properly, only lots of images to see which are amazing and so inspirational, but nothing to show me how its done. Then I came across your page. I just wanted to say you have giving me the confidence to go ahead with anamorphisis as my theme and my mind is doing over time with all the ideas I have for this term. thank you.

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